As an executive leader, there are two areas that will drive your success: results and relationships. This self assessment is designed to enable you to self-reflect on where you are and identify areas that would benefit from improvement.

Downloadable Tools

  • Executive Leadership Self Assessment – Automated (Excel)download
  • Executive Leadership Self Assessment – Manual (PDF)download


This Executive Leadership Self Assessment uses the following 8 key attributes to assess your current capabilities:

Results: These are the 4 key capabilities needed to deliver exceptional value to your company and clients:

  • Business Knowledge: Can you have a meaningful conversation with the CEO, CFO and CIO?
  • Strategic Vision: Can you create a compelling strategic vision for your group that connects to the company’s overall purpose?
  • Team Building: Are you able to recruit, build and manage a strong team that executes efficiently and effectively?
  • Execution & Problem Resolution: How challenging a problem or roadblock can you get past (whether technical, personal or strategic)? 

Relationships: While delivering value is important, it won’t get you far if you are not able to build strong relationships, which requires the following:

  • Confidence: How confident are you in yourself as an executive who deserves to be at the table?
  • Persuasive Storytelling: How good are you at driving others to action through positive, engaging, and persuasive storytelling? 
  • Relationship Building: How good are you at networking across silos and with clients outside of your direct function?
  • Collaboration: How good are you at executing jointly with peers, building complementary teams, and sharing credit?

Using the Tool

The assessment requires that you rate yourself for each on the 8 attributes on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being a “notable weakness” and 5 being “exceptional skill”. Once you fill it out, you may notice patterns or specific areas where you need to focus. Here is a typical result for an upcoming executive:

Example Analysis

This radar chart is typical of many up and coming IT executives. They have strong execution, collaboration and team building skills, while their business knowledge is limited (typically they have a strong understanding of their own function, but not much else)

I would typically recommend starting from the top down. In this case working on their business understanding, using tools such as a Business Canvas, as well as their confidence.