Based on the work of Max Landsberg, this motivational assessment will help to uncover the key factors that can be used to create a working environment where an individual will succeed and thrive.

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Detailed Motivational Assessment

FactorImportance (1-4)Current Satisfaction (1-4)
1.       Manager showing concern for you as a person  
2.       Having some authority  
3.       Good personal relationship with manager  
4.       Manager’s decisiveness  
5.       Examples provided by manager  
6.       Being involved in planning your own work  
7.       Recognition of your efforts  
8.       Delegation of work to you  
9.       Being promoted  
10.   Customer/client contact  
11.   Salary  
12.   Extent to which you get on with your peers  
13.   Praise  
14.   Attaining your own goals and meeting targets  
15.   Satisfaction with the job  
16.   Working conditions  
17.   Having responsibility for discrete areas of work  
18.   Working under pressure  
19.   A competitive environment  
20.   Your prospects of career development  
21.   Constructive feedback and coaching  
22.   Job security  
23.   The result of the completed work  
24.   Carrying out complex analysis  
25.   The organization’s structure and processes  
26.   Your personal job title  
27.   Extent of supervision  
28.   Social functions  
29.   Detailed guidance on how to complete work tasks  
30.   Working in a team  
31.   Being given clear objectives  
32.   Attending high level meetings  
33.   Starting work early in the morning  
34.   Finishing work late in the evening  
35.   Other (specify)