A myth of career success is that it requires long hours and personal sacrifice. The truth is that often doesn’t work, and always adds uncertainty and stress. I can show you another way.

The main idea is that there are simple things you can learn that make a huge difference. It can be the same job, same career, but with a whole different approach. My specialty is helping you build the soft skills you need to thrive, such as:

•  Executive Mindset
•  Business Concepts for Technologists
•  Strategic Thinking and Prioritization (both for the business and yourself)
•  Persuasive Storytelling and Communication
•  Relationship and Team Building
•  Execution & Problem Resolution

Of course, success still requires work – but it’s not about the hours. It’s the work of changing yourself and how to approach your career.  It’s about learning what matters and focusing your limited energy there.

Here is my promise: I promise that by working with me, you will gain more control over your career. You will see the professional world differently, and more importantly, they will see you differently.  You will clarify where you are now, discover where you want to go, and build the mindsets, strategies, and skills to get you there – and you’ll do it all with less stress and more fun.

If that sounds like something you want to experience, give me a call.

Drew has years of experience coaching and training professionals to bring out their full potential.
He has a simple, relatable approach that breaks down complex concepts and makes it easy to digest.
-Melissa F., Director

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“Drew always delivers excellent coaching and insightful direction.
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Mike M, Sr. Manager

Develop the Skills You Need to Thrive at the Executive Level

Career success involves 2 main ingredients: building relationships and delivering results. To help you develop the skills you need, I’ve broken it down into 6 skills aligned to key questions:

I’ve organized my YouTube channel around these 6 questions. You can find the latest videos here: