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The Next Level Program covers the insights, strategies, and tactics you need to master executive-level skills and get your next promotion (or a better job), including:

How to Get the Role…
1. Uncover Your Unique Value
2. Find Your Ideal Role
3. Convince the Decision Makers

And How to Thrive in It
4. Sharpen Your Message
5. Elevate Your Content
6. Improve Your Influence

How it Works

During this program, you will go through the material covered in the 6 modules and meet for personal coaching 1-on-1 with Drew.

• 10 One-on-One Coaching Sessions (50 min each)
• 24 Learning Modules (15-20 min each)
• 24 Exercises with Feedback
• Unlimited email support
• No Time Limit / Self-Paced (typically 3 to 6 months)

Although the program is typically done in 3 to 6 months, you can take as long as you need – whether life gets in the way or you simply want more time to fully explore the activities.

Bonus 1: Lifetime email support after the 10 one-on-one sessions are complete
Bonus 2: Lifetime annual 50-min “tune-up” coaching session with Drew

Program Contents

Module 1: Uncover Your Unique Value

If you are not able to explain what differentiates you quickly and succinctly, you will be overlooked or ignored when there are new opportunities.

This module is designed to make you a confident self-advocate whose skills and experiences are recognized by others. You will:

• Uncover the problems you solve uniquely well by reviewing your past successes, discover patterns, and identify which will be most useful in getting your next role.
• Communicate your value succinctly with a powerful, personalized professional brand, including an updated resume and LinkedIn profile
• Back up your own value by having an inventory of “go-to” stories that demonstrate your experience and expertise
• Be widely recognized for your abilities by naturally embedding your brand in your work communications and professional collateral

Module 2: Find Your Ideal Role

Your ideal role requires two things: a problem you want to solve combined with the day-to-day work and benefits you desire. If you are not clear on either aspect, you will either end up in a role you can’t do, or a job you don’t enjoy.

This module will enable you to find new opportunities more quickly with laser focus on the underlying problems that need to be solved and an understanding what you want out of your career, so you’ll be fulfilled when you get the position. You will:

• Be crystal clear about what success means for you by ranking your personal priorities across job features, your day-to-day work, and your overall life
• Find new opportunities by exploring different problems and associated roles
• Gain access to new jobs by tapping the hidden job market and finding unpublished problems and improving your networking and interviewing skills
• Figure out the promotion and hiring decision-making process by discovering who the decision makers are as well as their influencers and gatekeepers

Module 3: Convince the Decision Makers

If you don’t have support from the right people, you won’t get the role, no matter how qualified you are. Not only do those people need to know who you are, they need to articulate your value to other decision makers to convince them you are the right person for the role.

This module is designed to get you the role you want by building the experience and reputation you need. You will:

• Be an influential leader who is recognized and respected as a great communicator
• Build a plan to close any perceived gaps before you need to
• Develop strong advocates in the leadership ranks so you have active support for your next role
• Set yourself up for continual success by building a promotion accelerator habit

Module 4: Sharpen Your Message

If you aren’t clear on what you’re trying to achieve, your message will get lost. As a result, things won’t get done and senior executives will ignore you because they won’t take time to figure out your point.

This module is designed to make you an influential leader who is recognized and respected as a great communicator. You will:

• Get others to act by cutting the noise out of your communications
• Impress your boss and peers with your storytelling skills by learning different story structures
• Get the attention of busy executives by using the “what, so what, now what” model
• Feel confident and 100% prepared when you get 2 minutes for your 20-minute presentation by using my adaptive communication model

Module 5: Elevate Your Content

If you only talk about your own work, you won’t be taken seriously as an executive. Managers and directors are there to complete deliverables, achieve goals, and run operations so executives have time to focus on higher level topics.

This module is designed to make you “part of the club” by transforming what you talk about and how you talk about it. You will:

• Be recognized for your “executive presence” by thinking like an owner, expressing your opinions, challenging ideas, and knowing when you don’t need to know the details
• Partner with your boss by contributing to strategy, staffing, risk, and financial discussions
• Impress executives from other departments by understanding and solving their problems
• Inspire your team and avoid wasting time and energy by being clear on how and when you will engage and what your expectations are

Module 6: Improve Your Influence

If you only focus on what your team can get done, you will be seen as too narrow-minded to grow. Organization-level challenges require you to get other people to do things when they don’t have to listen to you.

This module is designed to make you a persuasive leader who can get others to act without relying on the authority of your position. You will:

• Quickly identify people’s key motivators and use the right incentives to get them to act
• Engage in the styles of your bosses so you are someone they want to listen to
• Persuade your boss, peers, and teams to act by using the 7 principles of influence
• Differentiate yourself as a leader to your boss by initiating joint projects with your peers

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