The Next Level Program

The Next Level Program is an outcome driven program that takes you through all the steps you need to land your dream job.

Your success is the only one that matters. We work together – with unlimited sessions – until you get a better role with a 2x ROI on your program cost. Period.

How It Works

The Next Level Program takes you through 4 sprints that will land you the role you want, as well as a personalized strategy to thrive in the first 90 days

Sample Timeline for 6 Month Target

Your time and energy are the most expensive resource you have and we know that. We run our programs to maximize both, with short lightweight sprints focused on delivering outcomes and a team to support you in your search.

Full Team Support

Drew brings a unique combination of skills and experience that other coaches don’t:

  • Former Technology C-Suite executive who brings real world experience on how to succeed at the highest levels
  • Specialist in creating unique value stories for his clients so they stand out and get noticed
  • Career Coach and Executive Coach to help you both land the role (e.g. resumes, interviews, networking) as well as become a thriving senior executive (e.g. leadership, communication, team building)

In addition to your coaching sessions with Drew, the Drew Saur Coaching team is here to support you throughout the journey:

  • A Professional Resume Writer to make your resume and LinkedIn profiles stand out from the crowd and pass the latest ATS-screening technology
  • A Client Success Coordinator to help search for open roles, identify networking targets, and ensure you have easy access to all of the videos, tools, and templates.

Ready to join the Next Level Program?

One price, one promise. We work together until you have the role you want.

The Next Level Program Offers:

Unlimited 1-on-1 Private Coaching Sessions (Full 50 min sessions and 20 min touchpoints)
✓ Proven curriculum of 9 Core Sessions to land your executive role
✓ Lifetime Access to Two eLearning Courses with videos, exercises, and unlimited feedback
✓ Professional Resume & LinkedIn Package
✓ Job Search & Networking Support
✓ “First 90 Days Success”: 3-Month Unlimited Executive Coaching Package
“You Set The Pace” (No time limit)

And as an added bonus:
20% Discount on Additional Executive Coaching after the program is completed
✓ Lifetime Annual Career Strategy Sessions to keep your career on track

Your Investment: $10,000 $8,500

Smaller packages are available depending on capacity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do you focus on a specific business type or industry?
My specialty is working with Technology Directors who are looking to get a Vice President (VP) or equivalent role. That being said, this program is designed for any up and coming leader who wants to take their career to an Executive Level. I have successfully worked with leaders all the way from Managers to Managing Directors.

Q: What is the typical timeline?
A: Each of my clients is unique and has different goals and different circumstances. The most common timeline is 6 months, while some clients complete it within 3 months and others take a year. My job is to help you achieve your goal on the timeline that makes sense for you. I will work with you for as long as it takes

Q: How does the program differ if I want a promotion vs a new job?
A: The core of the program is exactly the same. You need to be able to uncover your unique value, understand the role, and convince the decision makers. The difference is how you gather information and who you need to convince. Internally, it is typically your boss and their boss, and possibly a promotion board. For a new job, it is the hiring manager, other interviewers, and other involved leaders. Same tactics, different targets.

Q: What if I am actively interviewing and find a new role early in the program?
A: I want this to be a no-lose decision for you. Once you sign up for the program, you have a minimum of 9-months of unlimited support from me. If you get a new role early in the process, the 3-Months of Unlimited Executive Coaching is automatically extended until 9 months from your started date.

Q: What is the “Better Role Guarantee”?
A: If you sign up for the Next Level Program, I work with you until you get a better role with AT LEAST a 2X return on your investment. Period.

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