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What is private coaching? Private coaching is for those individuals who want a fully-customized experience. In private coaching, you and I work together in focused sessions to build the behaviors, skills, strategies, and mindsets that will enable you to write your own career story – based on your specific needs, timeframe and budget. While people come to me for many reasons, here are the most popular:

•  Defining or refining your career strategy – figuring who you are now, where you want to go and how to get there
•  Designing a strong Professional Brand Story to pursue near term opportunities
•  Building the behaviors, mindsets and skills you need to operate at the next level (see below for examples)
•  Building executive communication skills so that you are comfortable as “part of the club”
•  Overcoming personal challenges that are holding you back

While it is completely customizable, the majority of clients choose two 50-minute sessions per month over video or phone where we create strategies and action plans to get you where you want to go.

The Coaching Process

Coaching is a simple methodology that is easy to understand and use. Each session follows the same basic pattern:

When deciding on how to engage in coaching, there are only a few decisions you need to make:

1. What is the most important topic to focus on?
2. How frequently do you want to be coached?
3. How much focus and time can you commit to taking action between sessions?

The speed of change is driven by how frequently we meet and how much time you can commit. There is no right answer, so it is important to find the balance that works for you.

If you are looking for ideas on skills you might want to develop, you can explore the 20 Most Improved Leadership Skills complied by Marshall Goldsmith

Common Benefits of Coaching

Results: Improve your productivity, amplify your performance, build your skills, and reach your destination faster.  

An Accountability Partner: Gain a partner to help you motivate to take action, particularly for the things that are easy to say, but hard to do.

Deeper Levels of Learning: Learn more about yourself, how others perceive you, and how to see into blind spots (e.g. attitudes and perspectives that might be holding you back) by giving yourself the space to hear your own voice so you can act more decisively.

Clarity & Confidence: Get clear about your values and goals so you can pursue them with laser focus and conviction.     

Development of Specific Skills: Expand your leadership skills including: communication, executive presence, strategic career management, and team building.  

✨ Book your free 20-min Executive Coaching Session here