The Skill-Will Matrix is used to assess an individual’s skill level and willingness to perform a specific task, helping to create a plan of action to achieve the desired results.

  • Skill: An individual’s capabilities based on his or her experience with the task, training, knowledge, and natural ability
  • Will: An individual’s desire to complete a particular task based on attitude, incentives, confidence, and personal feelings about completing the task

If you plot them on a 2×2 grid of Low vs High, you will end up with 4 scenarios:

  1. High Will, High Skill: An experienced person looking for more opportunities to grow and develop
  2. Low Will, High Skill: A skilled, experienced person who may have hit a plateau and needs a challenge
  3. High Will, Low Skill: A person who is new to a particular task who is enthusiastic but lacks the skills or knowledge needed
  4. Low Will, Low Skill: A person who has started a new task that they did not want, or a beginner who has low confidence and is afraid to fail

Once you understand where an individual is in the Skill-Will Matrix, you can choose the best way to help them be successful: