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There are many executive and career coaches in the world who could potentially help you. So why work with me? Here are a few reasons I hope you find compelling:

✔ My only objective is to help you get your next promotion by learning to better sell your value and effectively communicate with executives. Why is that important? By learning the right skills, you can increase your impact, serve more people, gain financial freedom, and create the life you want.

✔ Over my twenty year career as a Technology Executive, I have been in hundreds of hiring, promotion and talent review meetings and understand first-hand how leaders are valued and evaluated and “the real way it works.”

✔ As a coach, I have worked with dozens of clients from small, regional providers to big companies like Adobe, Accenture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and others and I am confident I can help you.

✔ My combination of coaching and business experience allows me to find new ways to support your development while also offering practical advice and tips on your business challenges.

✔ I combine an unshakable belief in your ability to tackle the issues that come up with the curiosity and courage to ask you the tough questions to get you out of the thinking patterns keeping you stuck.

If you want more background on me, you can learn about my career on LinkedIn .

✨ Book your free 20-min Executive Coaching Session here 

As a coach Drew has helped me to improve myself and make smarter choices every day.
He has taught me how to look at things differently and turn things that seems
very big and intimidating to something that can be easily solved.
– V.K., Senior Technology Director