My Story

My name is Drew. I started my technology career like many other people. I had deep technical skills, a strong work ethic, and delivered everything that was asked of me.

After 10 years of steady promotions, I was a Senior Director, ready for my first executive role.

And then, for the first time in my career, I didn’t get the promotion.

I asked dozens of people for advice, but only got vague answers like “give it more time” or “keep building your executive presence”.

Since no one could tell me, I had to figure it out myself. I studied the executives and began to see the differences in what they did, how they approached things, and what they said.

And then it clicked. There is a whole different set of rules I needed to follow to get promoted and thrive as an executive. To succeed, I needed to transform myself.

As soon as I made this transformation, I got my executive promotion and then continued to advance.

I spent the next decade studying why some people got promoted and others didn’t. I sat on hiring committees and promotion boards. With what I learned, I coached my own team through their transformations and promotions to the executive level.

In 2020, I decided this was my purpose, and founded Drew Saur Coaching to help Technology Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents learn the strategies, tools, and tactics to make that transformation and land their next-level executive role.

My mission is to help as many Tech Leaders as I can land bigger and better roles so they can experience the fulfillment and compensation that come with it.

If you want more background on me, you can learn about my career on LinkedIn .

I’ve helped dozens of people from across the Technology Industry:

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WHAT CLIENTS SAY (See more on the Testimonials page)

“When I was at a crossroads in my career, Drew gave me great guidance about my strengths and the direction I should go. From there it took off and in 3 months I landed my new role!”
– Brent Malenius, Sr. Director, Head of Infrastructure

“Drew’s advice was exactly what I needed and as a result, I landed the role I had wanted in four months! I would not have seen this much career growth so quickly without his guidance. “
– Santhi Velayudhan, Director, Technology

“Drew helped me get clear on what I wanted and land a Partner role in IBM’s Healthcare Practice. Definitely invest in the program and trust the process because it pays with dividends. “
– Eduardo Garcia, Partner, IBM Global Services