Melissa F., Director

Drew has years of experience coaching and training professionals to bring out their full potential. He has a simple, relatable approach that breaks down complex concepts and makes it easy to digest. I’ve most benefitted from his storytelling and storyboarding expertise, which has made a significant improvement in my ability to present to C-suite audiences.

Mike M., Associate Director

I’ve had the privilege to experience Drew’s leadership for 11+ years. He has provided excellent coaching, executive leadership and insightful direction. Drew is a great listener and someone who genuinely cares about helping people improve. I highly recommend Drew.

Jean L., Senior Associate

Being in the latter stages of my career, I didn’t think I’d get much out of career coaching. But what I learned is it’s never too late to grow into one’s self and discover things you didn’t think you were capable of, personally and professionally. Thanks Drew

Kirti S., Technology Director

Leadership encompasses of lot of different skills and competencies, but “Inspirational Leadership” and “Professional Network Development” are the two key skills that enable leaders to succeed. A true leader inspires people through his vision and also motivates them to follow it. Drew is a natural story teller and an epitome of Executive Leadership. His coaching encourages thinking outside the box, reflecting on ones own behavior/skills and how to develop them. His teaching style is engaging, collaborative, and thought-provoking. I strongly recommend Drew for leaders as well as executives who wish to advance their career.

Priya B., Director

When Drew had me dig deeper and ask some hard questions to myself such as what, why, when I wanted my promotion and how badly I want it. I got more clarity and less ambivalent after that exercise. I’m now working towards it with better understanding and purposeful planning. The other thing that Drew makes one realize is the importance of storytelling in the business world. It’s a very useful skill that can help you to articulate your proposal, get buy-in from other stakeholders and negotiate better deals with clients or sponsors. I and many others have benefited from Drew’s guidance on honing this skill.

Vijay K., Technology Director

Drew has helped me to improve myself and make smarter choices every day. He has taught me how to look at things differently and break up a problem from something that seems very big and intimidating to something that can be easily solved.